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The Future of Society

How much do you think you know about the challenges four different generational groups have faced during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Test yourself against the rest of the Nation in our quiz and share your result using #FutureofWork

The four generational groups we have surveyed are:

16 – 24: Gen Z

16 to 24 Gen Z. Young girl petting dog outside front of house. Young boy listening to headphones and looking at phone

25 – 39: Millennials

25 to 39 Millennials. Man serves woman working on laptop in coffee shop

40 – 54: Gen X

40 to 54 GenX. Woman with wheelbarrow, man holding hedge shears in garden

55 – 75: Baby Boomers

55 to 75 BabyBoomers. Older woman and man painting wall of room yellow